Making Notes


Aligning physicians and other healthcare providers is vitally important to the success of healthcare organizations.  With an ever-changing regulatory landscape and constantly evolving compensations models, it is of critical importance to support compensation arrangements with well-reasoned, defensible, and actionable fair market value (FMV) opinions.  At Root Valuation we don't provide canned opinions or survey-based calculators, but instead work diligently to understand our Client's alignment goals, the regulatory guardrails pertinent to the arrangement, and the true market-based value drivers underpinning the compensation arrangement.  Most importantly we work collaboratively to educate all parties to the transaction on our approaches and underlying assumptions to build consensus and facilitate a successful and compliant outcome.

Clinical Compensation

  • Physician Employment

  • Call Coverage

  • Subsidies/Stipends

  • Medical Directorship

Administrative Compensation

  • Physician Executive and Administrative Pay

  • Pay for Performance / Value-based Compensation

  • Management / Co-Management Agreements

  • Care Coordination

  • Staff Leasing

Compliance Testing and Review

  • Third Party Appraisal Validation/Critique